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Whether it is baby’s first visit to the dentist, an athletic mouthguard or a customized fluoride tray, our team offers services that support excellent oral health for all family members. In addition to regular oral wellness appointments, Eastside Dental can also take care of restorative or cosmetic dental needs that may arise.

Eastside Dental is pleased to provide patient-friendly ramp accessibility and free parking to accommodate mobility for all our patients.

Our staff are also sincerely committed, not only to our patients, but to the wellness of our greater Saint John community. Dr. Keyes Manning has been a vocal advocate in the debate to improve the oral health of residents by re-instating water fluoridation in the drinking water for Greater Saint John.

Eastside Dental is also a regular contributor to local charities and events that enrich the lives of others or foster community wellness. Throughout the year, Eastside Dental supports local charitable and wellness initiatives. Previous charitable donations have included the SPCA and the East Coast Games.